Al Shamil Medical Centre first began as
a focused clinic for dentistry.

Although the clinic has since diversified into a multi specialty centre, it still holds
solid ground in emerging specialties in the field of dentistry.
We are one among the most reputed dental clinics in Sharjah,
Northern Emirates and Dubai region.

We have well experienced specialists in the clinic who cover the entire spectrum of dental care.

Regular visits to our dental surgeons ensure life long healthy teeth.


Orthodontia is a branch that specializes in the correction of the jaw and alignment of the teeth using both fixed and movable tools. Since teeth are connected to nerve endings, this procedure is very sensitive and specialized.


The Endodontia specialty takes care of patients with considerable decay and damage to a single tooth or series of teeth.

The entire rehabilitation of the mouth can be done in this department with the following treatments:

  • Root canal treatment (RCT)
  • Complete restoration of the enamel
  • Treatment of yellow teeth
  • Repair of fractured teeth
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Smile make over


Our specialist decides on the best approach once the problem has been carefully assessed and explained to the patient. Braces, aligners, jaw repositioning tools and space maintainers are used to treat:

  • Protruding teeth (both upper and lower jaw)
  • Early prevention and intervension of developing mal occlussion
  • Teeth that are cross-upper and do not come down while biting
  • Open spaces between teeth
  • Adjusting the alignment
  • Crowding of teeth
  • Oral surgery
  • Removal of wisdom tooth
  • General tooth extraction
  • Bone grafting
  • Orthognathic and reconstructive surgery
  • Trauma to teeth due to accident
  • Re-setting of teeth after accident injuries
  • Laser surgeries and tooth whitening
  • Oral diseases related to teeth
  • Surgery options
  • Dental X rays (OPG)
  • Complex extractions


‘Hollywood smiles’ are achieved by using a combination of all or some of the following:

Tooth whitening, crowns, veneers, and orthodontics.

We all know what this is although it is difficult to define. Simply put, it is the amalgamation of the 'perfect' form, position, proportion, alignment, and colour of the teeth. Use of the word, 'perfect' must be qualified by observing that the term is emotive and very much modified by social preconditions and therefore does not really exist.

Nevertheless, if one observes the teeth of movie stars then one does notice a similarity between each of their smiles. This ‘similarity’ is governed by the ratio of tooth length to width, by their relative position to one another and to the lips, and by their ‘white’ colouring and value of brightness.

Dental Surgeries



tooth colour fillings

tooth whitening



To ignore teeth means to ignore a vital part of health.

Al Shamil Medical Centre offers restorative, cosmetic and preventive dentistry services for individuals and families.

Our doctors can workout feasible health plans for children, adults and organizations to cover the following:

  • Annual dental cleaning
  • Advice on medical insurance
  • Mouth guard therapy
  • Dental sealants
  • Whitening or bleaching options
  • Smile make over
  • Fillings, crowns and bridges
  • Simple extractions
  • Paediatric dentistry