The clinic has diversified into a complete medical centre focusing on urology, kidney and prostrate problems.

The clinic offers not only specialized medical personnel but also specific programs from time to time for patient awareness. Corporate groups, families and individuals are taken care of. Women patients are given the option to consult a lady doctor if they wish to.
To assess the needs of the patient screening is done in the premises
to gauge the nature of ailment.

Anticipated costs are also informed and the results carefully explained.
Then scheduling of appointments is done in a routine fashion.


One of the key specialties at Al Shamil Medical Centre is the Urology department headed by highly
experienced urologist,

Dr.Bhagavan starting with an assessment of the extent of the problem, our specialist uses his expertise to deliver the highest degree of care and manage multiple complications, making each patient hope for the best possible recovery. In addition, our specialist’s support staff is well trained in the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies.

This versatile department, well informed of local health issues, provides awareness of illness, consultation, advice and education to patients under treatment.


Vital care comprises of integrating several aspects for the benefit of the patient including:

  • Recognizing the health concerns of individual patients with proper diagnostic tools.
  • Developing therapy and recovery programs at an affordable cost.
  • Treatment conforming to infection control and asepsis.
  • Specialists have the ability to detect, interpret and advice on treatment.
  • In arrangement with other multi-specialities we offer extended services to patients.
  • Our primary health care facilities are at par with the best in the region.
  • Some of our consultants have more than twenty years of experience in their field.
  • Keep updating medical technology and expertise to provide the best therapies.
  • All professionals have valid licenses to operate in the Emirate.
  • Technicians and nursing staff are well experienced and trained to handle a number of patients daily.

Facilities at the Centre

Vital care comprises of integrating several aspects for the benefit of the patient including:

  • The outpatient section has a spacious reception and lobby to make the patients comfortable while they wait for their appointments.
  • Every medical case is recorded and kept private and confidential. This helps in efficient handling of records even when patients come after a long gap.
  • Doctors are multilingual and effectively communicate with the patients in their native language.
  • Each doctor has a private cabin where the patient is called for consultation and diagnosis.
  • The medical centre operates efficiently with the help of technicians, nurses and nursing attendants.
  • Every doctor provides education and knowledge on prevention and after-care.
  • Free follow up support is offered as norm, which is an equally important part of the treatment.
  • We provide periodic health check up plans for our clients.
  • We have a sophisticated Dental X-ray unit, well-equipped treatment and sterilization rooms.
  • Most are enrolled with most reputed insurance providers.
  • All medical waste is collected and disposed off scientifically as per the guidelines of the ministry.